Ok, so first off Happy New Year to you all, February already and so where did January go, seemed it flew by here but thats probably because I was so busy…I just wanted to start by saying that I will without doubt be blogging a lot more this year, you forever write and ask and so My resolution to you is that I will find the time and make a better effort…

As you can see from the photo’s I have pulled the studio apart, there are bits everywhere, I even found some things I didn’t know I had…..It has all been bleached down, rubbed down and a nice fresh coat of paint, a new colour to fit in with the theme, it is already back together, a shifty about, some new kit (we’ll come on to that later) looking swish and brand new if I say so Myself….The reason you can’t as yet see the end result is there are a couple of small snags that need dealing with and some signage that needs putting up to complete it so the reveal is to come, later this week hopefully with a new video and some pictures of course, those that visit know there are never any i’s left un dotted or t’s left uncrossed here….

The Major change has been the small room, that has been totally transformed and turned into a room dedicated to a single activity, there is no snagging to do in there but alas it also is waiting on signage to arrive, once it does all will be revealed, I am so very very proud of it I’m bursting at the seams to tell you all and show you, but as they say patience is a virtue….I do think I may have been back of the queue when that was dished out if truth be told….

I did get busy over Christmas and do a few photo shoots, Myself of course and some of Myself and Nurse Jolene, I will blog regards Myself and Jolene another time, for now I have used the photos to give the web site a little freshen up and keep things current but as you are on the site reading this I’m going to guess that you already know…..So until the snagging is done and the signs arrive, cya, thanks for reading