More of a DominaSara blog than a Medical Mistress but as it happens I actually did the workshop to enhance my rope work for my LabRat in medical session and so make things better for him….

Well what an absolutely fantastic day we had on Sunday, I recently recommended an old friend John A.K.A MasterRopeKnot or MRK to Goddess L’amour and wasn’t at all surprised to get great feedback, we must of known John a good 10 to 15 years, longer possibly…..

Anyway cutting a very long story short as a lot of you are aware this past few years Medical Mistress my other persona has very much overtaken my DominaSara one with the result being in order to keep the dungeon viable I have several Ladies working from it, one full time and several part time or occasional, also a little private hire and everything is hunky dory, good quality ladies are very hard to come by, the bulk have had a quick look, see it as an easy way to make a living and want everything for nothing and are happy to rinse every last drop from every client, we soon weedle those out here…go forth and be a Pwincess elsewhere is very much the motto here. Again I digress….

What I was woffling on about in my last paragraph was I was really really pleased and impressed when approached by a couple of the ladies and asked for help to improve their skill sets, I’m a huge believer that if you invest in your business your investment will return to you many fold be that investment time or money…So whilst I am renowned for being of high skill set myself my rope experience is limited hence John….

So a date was arranged, everyone invited and what a day it was, LadyAllegraWilde turned up with her #1 Myself and my wonderful HB and MissTiffanyNaylor and Kneel4You, John himself and of course my most favourite boy Murphy who did join in throughout the day here and there…

Well I have done a little rope over the years and what can I say I can get by, I hadn’t realised just what a good teacher John was and now without any shadow of a doubt I am much more competent, he showed me things that i’d previously been shown but in a very methodical and uncomplicated way, they have gone in and stuck….yipeeeee!!!!

A few breaks for coffee, cake, biscuits and sweets, what is it with ProDomme’s and sweets, and the day was done and over, but we are all syncing diaries so MRK can return soon, once again my thanks to all who made it a tremendous day and I am so proud of the ladies for investing their time to learn, well done all….

As you can see in the last picture Lady Allegra continued when she got home, no thought to her suffering #1 (Good Girl) so if you are looking for a little rope then contact Lady Allegra on  or MissTiffany on

Thanks for reading