So January came and went and if I’m honest boy-o-boy was it a very poor month, whilst I’m not stupid enough to believe the crap I read on Twitter about how well everyone is doing, I am clever enough to of made some good friends over the many years I’ve been a PD and having spoken to a few from various parts of the good ole UK I am not by far the only one to have had a bad start to the year, February was far from good either but much much better than January and looking much more like the norm, thank goodness for that, I was starting to think I’d done something wrong, March already looks good and the phone is ringing and the emails are coming, welcome back you all!

Feb it has to be said was a great month for Me on a personal level, Birthday girl and thoroughly spoilt I was with Louboutin Handbags, purses, a beautiful Sony A7 camera, and a nice photo session with Pete from TwistedOrchid Photography the resident Photographer here and his Lady Miss Kimberley who was our model as Pete ran Me through how to work My new toy, many thanks to both, got some great shots too. Also I popped up to London (should I have tweeted #LondonDomme) to meet up with the wonderful Sardax and collect My latest commission, the sketch above, the actual piece below, thank you My #1 and thank you Sardax! It is now hung in the reception of My dungeon Fallen Angel…..

So onto My dilemma, urrrmm and urrrmm again, I have announced as I’m sure you’re aware that I will come April be revamping room 2 of The Practice, I have very much gone down a traditional theme with My medical using proper NHS pieces and making it totally authentic, It has forged a world wide reputation and I have several regulars from foreign climes, I have been asked if I had thought to make it more fetish which was what got Me started thinking “Well I can accommodate both” as in 2 rooms 2 different themes, I have even bought thus far 6 latex cat suits and various shelving and mirroring, lighting and had a very distinct fetish style theme in mind, however this past few weeks I have received many emails and I do mean many without counting I think around 12 all from regulars asking what I was up to and putting in their 2 pence worth so to speak, and when I say that I don’t mean in any way I was offended these are regulars their opinion is very important to me, so most seem to feel that I not change it and that it stands alone in the world of medical and should continue to do so…bugger!

So, answers in an email would be good or if you know Me a text or a ring…..

1/ Do I leave it as it is, it’s not broken, don’t fix it and it’s very popular as is? Just add the Latex catsuits Rubber Gumi hood into the already impressive range of latex there?

2/ Having bought much already, Lighting, Mirrors, shelving, Latex Drapes etc do I put that all in and basically go half way making the room a little more fetishy that traditional?

3/ Rip it all out, repaint it re-vamp it and go with My original plan? Total Transformation?

There is My dilemma, where is My Lab Rat when I need him? He’ll have a good opinion I know he will…

So a random picture of My new camera, again thanks #1 who went halves with My dear ole Mum..and that’s Me over and out, I’ll be the one scratching her head trying to make a decision, take care xxx