Well a funny old month indeed, I came back off Holiday and hit the ground running the first week, where did you all go in week two and three, vurry quiet, and now I again can’t keep up, hey-ho I’d rather see you than not so mustn’t grumble….

Much going on here, many plans afoot on two projects, one I have told you all about the total transformation of the second medical room, I have been working on that a lot of late getting things in place, I think March we’ll shut for a couple of days and do the work….the 2nd project i’ll keep to myself for now….

Had a lovely jolly day with TwistedOrchid Photography earlier in the month, got some great shots, had a few laughs and a wonderful lunch, Twisted Orchid  or Pete if you choose to call him up to book a shoot really is great behind the camera, we have done much filming and many shoots here and he is by far the best of the rest, you don’t have to book him here he travels too, but I’m very proud to be able to offer his services here as our House Photographer.

Too late for this months blog but next month I will be posting pictures of a nice T-girl who will be available in session with me, look out for that service being offered soon.

Not all good news, My sites were down all weekend and when looking who to blame I could only look in the mirror, always sickening when things go wrong and even more so when it’s your own doing……

And Shocking news as well as bad, Mistress Tess who used to work from here before getting her own play space was broken into and vandalised at the weekend, it;’s all still a little unclear regards culprits but would appear to be a personal attack, Mistress Tess finds herself in that awful position of having no insurance so if you’d like to help her there is a crowd fund page currently going, every little helps!

uphttps://www.gofundme.com/recover-the-alchemy-roomsThats it for this time round, rest assured I’ll be busy making things better here as always when I’m not busy seeing you naughty boys….Take care