Well what a year so far, we came back from Holiday on Wednesday the 2nd of January and starting Thursday the 3rd I’ve not stopped, proper hit 2019 running, isn’t it always the way in life when a gentle jog is what you desire its a sprint that comes your way, mustn’t grumble the work is much appreciated. What do they say about hitting the ground running? No weekend off for Me, I did however manage a day off yesterday and rather than put My tired achy feet up Off to Serious kit we went…..smiles….

A trip to see S&W is always worth the journey and as a huge believer in and user of their kit I sometimes get to be the first, as with the new style Milker below, not only the first in the UK but the first in the world to own this style of milker, obviously S&W own the prototype but the first commercially, a nice little feeling to be able to offer all My loyal regulars something that other as yet can not.

Yesterday was no exception and before we all realised, having arrived at around midday it was pitch black, tea time and time to head off home, however during the course of the day I have commissioned two very new, never made before bits of kit, serious bits of kit you might say. If you read My previous blog regards revamping one of the rooms in The Practice then both will hopefully be ready on time for the launch, whilst based in the Medical Room there is very much crossover for Dungeon use to, as a little clue if you are into BreathPlay, SmellPlay, HeavyRubber BondageEncasement then keep checking back these new bits will be very much for you….

A couple of quick thank you’s, Christmas was all about Louboutin as you can see from the photo, shoes, a purse, a credit card holder and a phone case, very generously I also have a beautiful tote bag on the way, Many thanks to My HB and My #1 these beautiful gifts are very much appreciated.

And on a more practical level a gift from last week, many thanks *C* from Australia, not only for visiting Me from so far but for such a thoughtful gift, many thanks and My sincere apologies for the delay in posting, My time has not been My own…..

Thats it for this time, many thanks for reading :o)