More new kit and a first

So Wednesday last week saw Me heading up town to North London and the Libidex sale with My good friends Mistress Jane and TrixyLamour I had a lovely day, some great coffee, a good ole gossip but unfortunately the reason we went, the Libidex sale, was proper pony, we’ll all be giving that a wide birth next year, that said, those that know Me will know I am currently setting something up which will take Me till Christmas and a little beyond, but I already have 2 work things to book in with Mistress Jane for next year so we’ll see each other anyway and hopefully once I’m not so busy we can do a bit more together going forwards, I’d love that….no need for fruitless shopping trips any longer…

What the bloody hell is that I hear you ask, well a week went by quickly and Thursday of the following week saw me jaunt off to see S&W of Serious Kit, I love their kit as you all know and in the 8 plus years I have been visiting and buying from them we have struck up a friendship and a mutual respect, Its good for all sides I think as S&W are players themselves but there is a massive difference between private play and professional play as I’m sure you can imagine, so between us we have come up with some tweaks and adjustments and so in turn helped each other out very much. Above you see the MkII milker, I have 3 of the MKI’s already and rate them highly now I am the first in not only the country but the world to have the MkII, how very proud am I.

As you can guess I already have My first victim booked in to play with it, an opportunity for me to tweak, twiddle and find its forboils and peculiarities and then in turn how to take advantage of them and incorporate them into My sessions, watch this space for a review when I have had it a few weeks and know it inside out, which I am told is my forte, never let it be said **All the gear and no idea**
Thanks for reading, do watch this space And just before I go, October has been yet another fantastic month for appointments, many thanks to all those that come to play and of course those that provide the play.