Curved Lithotomy Poles 

So, more additions to My beautiful Eschman operating table, after adding the arms a few weeks back it seemed almost rude not to add some foot support to, however rather than the standard leg/calf supports I thought I’d be
clever and add a different slant with these foot supports, having had a little lay down Myself it has to be said they are not just comfy but seriously so, have to watch Myself you boy’s don’t nod off…….


Now you know what I have been so excited about, for those that like to lay flat, don’t worry arms etc are all detachable, I’m still excited as you all know I am revamping the recovery room to make it more suitable for pre med as well as recovery, I have sold the bed, got the decorator booked for a nice fresh lick of paint and am awaiting delivery on a wonderful bit of kit to replace the bed but thats a story for another day….


Thanks for reading…. xxxx