Just again a very short blog to give a hint of the many things happening at The Practice at the moment, the last ten days and maybe a clue as to what happens in the next few weeks too, it really is all very exciting, well I think so anyway!

I visited the delightful team at Serious Kit last week and spent a really really pleasant afternoon discussing all things electrickery haha! They were as always extremely helpful and after spending £1200 on the day I have now with great thought commited to another several thousand, I like to look after My patients but must admit I love all the gadgets and gismo’s Myself so 50/50 I think….


You can see in the photo’s the lovely silicone straps which are a new addition to the operating table, they really have turned a not only authentic but awesome bit of kit into an exceptional bit of kit, you may just see all the new blue latex hung on the wall behind the table, it hangs there waiting for the next visit from My wonderful LabRat, smiles, I can also tell you I have some new SPT’s a timer box and a larger more powerful pump, now those bits may just give some indication as to what is currently being made for Me…if not then you’ll just have to wait on My next blog post won’t you….Thanks for reading